BSA Troop 47



Venture Trip


(Windows Media Video Format)

    Note: These video files are quite large.  If you don't have a broadband Internet connection (dial-up instead), you will probably want to download each video first and then view it.  To do this, with your cursor on the video name, right-click and then "Save Target As" to specify where on your hard drive to save it.
    Learning to fly (3:58)
    Pictograph Caves (5:11)
    Day 3: Lake Ouzel to Mermaid Lake (11:36)
    Day 4: Mermaid Lake to Dewey Lake (7:01)
    Day 5: Layover at Dewey Lake  (5:45)
    Day 8: Elk Lake to Alpine Lake Trailhead (15:16)
    Grizzly Burger in Paradise (2:53)
    Time of Your Life (8:33)
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