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2011 Photos

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    Junior Leader Training - Saturday, January 8th      Group Photo  
    Campout on the land - Feb 18th-20th
KOMM Parade - Saturday, March 5th      Group Photo  
KOMM Clean-up - Sunday, March 6th  Group Photo
Baldwin District Camporee - Pinetreat March 11th-13th     Group Photo  
    Color Guard at Spring Fever Race - March 19th 
    Popcorn trip to the Delta  - April 19th     Group Photo  
    Backpacking Campout on the Land - April 30th 
    Court of Honor at the Lodge - May 16th 
    Memorial Day Flag Retirement Ceremony - May 30th 
    Bald Eagle Bash - Weeks Bay  - June 4th     Group Photo 
    Venture Trip - June 26th through July 1st    Group Photo 
    OA Ordeal - 2011-11-18 - Group Photo 
    OA Pow Wow - 2011-12-09 - Group Photo 
    Winter Camp - Dec 27th through 30th    Group Photo 
    Video: Eagle Scout Will Dorriety with Naval Academy Anchormen "Hole in the world"
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